Power Music App

For iPad & iPhone (iOS 15 or later)
 2023.2 (version history)
FREE £14.99 all features

The Power Music App is available on the App Store. Power Music is a free download with some features requiring a one-time in-app purchase (see list below or feature comparison page for details).

For more information on the changes to Power Music App and Power Music Reader, see our blog post.

Add and edit songs, then display you sheet music and chord sheets in either portrait or landscape mode. Easily transfer songs and playlists from the Windows or Mac editions of Power Music using Power Music Box, and import from PDF, ChordPro and OnSong.

No need for an internet connection while performing - all songs are stored locally on your iPad or iPhone.

Education Version for Volume Purchase

We have launched a new version of the Power Music App for iPad and iPhone. This version allows volume purchasing of the App by organisations that have an Apple School Manager or the Apple Business Manager.  These organisations can pre-pay to download the full version of the App to iPad and iPhone devices. This was formerly known as the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP).

Organisations interested in using this scheme should contact us by email at:

support@powermusicsoftware.com or by phone on 01355 246832.

Power Music App features:

  • Display sheet music and chord sheets.
  • Search by multiple criteria
  • Create, and share playlists
  • Transpose chord sheets
  • Page turning using touch screen or Bluetooth foot pedal
  • Full screen display in portrait (1 page) or landscape (2 pages)
  • Intelligent chord sheet editor
  • Import chord sheets from text, ChordPro, OnSong
  • Import sheet music from PDF, image files or camera
  • Import multiple songs using ZIP file of PDF/text files
  • Sheet music editor – copy pages, crop, duplicate, rearrange
  • Share songs and playlists in Power Music Box
  • Import songs from Power Music Store
  • Social network links, to iTunes and web sites
  • Link audio file for practice or backing tracks
  • Print and export PDF files of sheet music & chord sheets
  • Performance notes
  • View annotations from Power Music Professional
  • Metronome
  • Synchronised page turning
= Feature requires one-time in-app purchase