Power Music Essentials

Power Music Essentials Version History

Date Version Details
29th March 2023

Updated image processing to correct new issue with importing PDFs from Song Select

Improvements to OCR processing in Chord sheet imports from image PDFs (Professional only)

Other minor fixes

29th March 2022

New button Split Line in the Chord Sheet Editor. This splits a line along with chords at the cursor position. (Professional only)

View details in the Help Centre

Other minor fixes

3rd August 2021

Fix to Parts drop down not showing fully

Saved splitter distance in music editor

Fix to saving modified date in playlist when saved

Added modified date to saved playlist grid

Fixed horizontal scrollbar in playlist grids in Power Music Box Window

Fixed issues with position of drop down lists in the Chord Sheet editor with scaling > 100%

Other minor fixes

19th May 2021

Bug fix to the transpose drop-down in the Song Select screen

13th May 2021


Visual improvements including Playlist menu.
Better response to high scaling settings (> 100%)

6th May 2021

New features:

Chord Sheet Editor – new button Auto Page (Professional only). This adds page breaks and line breaks automatically, wrapping chord lines with text lines to optimise the display size.
New annotation for sheet music - "Jump to Page" (Professional only). Ideal for repeats and cuts, or indexes.
New Reporting Centre (Professional only). More information displayed in grid. Columns can be sorted by clicking on headers. Export to Excel.
New lyrics songsheet section (Professional only). Select font, page size, single or double column. Save as Word document or PDF.
Integration with WorshipReady.com


Updated Document camera scanning feature (Professional only)
Improved image processing
Improved OCR text extraction from images when importing pdf chords (Professional only)
Better response to high scaling settings (> 100%)
Various bug fixes

22nd Feb 2018 Improvements to PDF import in Sheet Music Editor. Faster import plus progress bar allowing stop during import of large files. Fixed occasional blank pages appearing in large files (caused by Microsoft update).
Other minor bug fixes.
2nd Nov 2017 New button for ChordPro File import in the Chord Sheet editor, but it is only implemented in Power Music Professional
Quick Search now uses multiple criteria (use "+" for Boolean AND) eg Tomlin+Redman for all songs where Tomlin AND Redman are writers.
CCLI button now links correctly to the updated CCLI website to search for title of the song.
Fixed: Title now visible when going through song list of chord sheets in full screen
Incorrect song was sometimes highlighted by rapid mouse movement in playlist in Full Screen - fixed.
Landscape sheet music now scales correctly when printed.
Other minor bug fixes.
21st July 2016 Major update including all fixes and enhancements which have been applied to Power Music Professional.
The Sheet Music Editor now has the new interface. See the Help section for detailed use of this feature. Certain features are still only available in Professional. Check the Feature comparison table for details.
27th Nov 2014 Allow song notes to be viewed and edited in playlist sidebar (full screen mode) even if song is not on playlist
New setting - auto display metronome/tempo in full screen
Support for new iPad app. It is important to use this version if uploading songs from iPad app and downloading to PM Essentials
Minor bug fixes
12th Sept 2014 Power music Essentials has now been brought up to date with all* Power Music Professional updates since 28th April (see version history for Power Music Professional). Includes updates to French and German languages.
*Excludes updates to features not applicable such as Libraries, Annotations, multiple PDF import.
28th April 2014 Improvements to import, faster search, bug fixes. Remembers margins in select screen.
21st April 2014 Fixed an issue which prevented the import of a large number of songs from previous versions
1st April 2014 Minor bug fixes
25th March 2014 Fixes to chord sheet editor
20th March 2014 Correction to language setting in Download from PM Box
20th March 2014 Improvements to the update process to embed in the program
20th March 2014 Corrections to chord notation translations and transpose in full screen
9th March 2014 Minor bug fixes
6th March 2014 Release version with Spring Harvest Digital Songbook 2014 CD
27th Feb 2014 The first version for Beta testing