Power Music Professional

Power Music Professional Version History

Date Version Details
30th January 2024

Fixed an issue where the Song Notes editor caused an error.

25th January 2024


Added support for WIA Scanner Drivers in Sheet Music Editor/Scan.

Chord sheets - Display the current Key in the Title Bar in Full Screen Mode

Minor fixes

29th March 2023


Updated image processing to correct new issue with importing PDFs from Song Select

Improvements to OCR processing in Chord sheet imports from image PDFs

Minor fixes

19th May 2022


Added Export Playlist and Import Playlist to the File menu in All songs -Playlist

These menu items export and import playlist details, not the songs. If any songs are not present in the receiving PC they will be removed from the playlist during import. You can use the "Export songs to PMzip" menu button to export/import the songs, or use Power Music Box

Remember that Playlist names can be duplicates. Names can be edited in the Saved Playlists tab

Minor fixes

29th March 2022

New features:

Select current Library in Start Guide

Copy and paste Annotations

Split Line button in Chord Sheet Editor - splits a line at the cursor position to include chords and text

View details in the Help Centre

Minor fixes

3rd August 2021

Fix to Parts drop down not showing fully

Saved splitter distance in music editor

Fix to saving modified date in playlist when saved

Added modified date to saved playlist grid

Fixed horizontal scrollbar in playlist grids in Power Music Box Window

Fixed issues with position of drop down lists in the Chord Sheet editor with scaling > 100%

Other minor fixes

19th May 2021

Bug fix to the transpose drop-down in the Song Select screen

13th May 2021


Visual improvements including Playlist menu.
Better response to high scaling settings (> 100%)

6th May 2021

Major update (Please read this article before performing the update)

New features:

Chord Sheet Editor – new button Auto Page. This adds page breaks and line breaks automatically, wrapping chord lines with text lines to optimise the display size.
New annotation for sheet music - "Jump to Page". Ideal for repeats and cuts, or indexes. NOTE: Annotations saved in this version cannot be viewed in older versions.
New Reporting Centre. More information displayed in grid. Columns can be sorted by clicking on headers. Export to Excel.
New lyrics songsheet section. Select font, page size, single or double column. Save as Word document or PDF.
Integration with WorshipReady.com


Updated Document camera scanning feature
Improved image processing
Improved OCR text extraction from images when importing pdf chords
Better response to high scaling settings (> 100%)
Various bug fixes

22nd Feb 2018 Improvements to PDF import in Sheet Music Editor. Faster import plus progress bar allowing stop during import of large files. Fixed occasional blank pages appearing in large files (caused by Microsoft update).
Other minor bug fixes.
2nd Nov 2017 New feature: ChordPro File import. Select from drop down list in the Chord Sheet editor. This will import the lyrics and chords of files in ChordPro format (including OnSong files). You can also copy and paste ChordPro text directly into the editor and Power Music will convert it to plain text.
CCLI number is now included in date range usage reports.
Quick Search now uses multiple criteria (use "+" for Boolean AND) eg Tomlin+Redman for all songs where Tomlin AND Redman are writers.
CCLI button now links correctly to the updated CCLI website to search for title of the song.
Fixed: Title now visible when going through song list of chord sheets in full screen
Incorrect song was sometimes highlighted by rapid mouse movement in playlist in Full Screen - fixed.
Landscape sheet music now scales correctly when printed.
Other minor bug fixes.
22nd Sept 2016 New button in Saved Playlists to allow renaming a playlist.
When printing a song there is now a prompt to select the printer. There has been a change in the recent Windows 10 update which changes the default printer to the last one used, so this feature is now necessary.
Fixed a bug in Manage Libraries when searching for a title which contains apostrophes.
Other minor bug fixes.
31st May 2016 When the popup media player is moved or resized, Power Music will now remember the size and position.
New prompt in Sheet Music Editor when the page has been modified and another page is selected without applying changes.
Italics now allowed in the Chord Sheet Editor.
Manage Authors section redesigned.
Bug fixes:
Fixed an issue where scanning repeatedly between songs required a restart of the program in certain cases.
Fixed occasional failure of PMzip import.
25th March 2016 Fixed a chord sheet display bug in full screen when 'Both' mode selected and Playlist visible.
Other minor bug fixes.
16th Feb 2016 Improvements to memory handling with editing and importing large number of pages.
New features in Sheet Music Editor thumbnails toolbar:
Duplicate - a quick way to copy a page to the end of the song without editing first. Useful for D.C. al Coda and other repeats.
Move page option. This makes it easier than drag and drop when the song has a large number of pages.
Left and right arrow buttons for quick page move.
Bug fixes:
Fixed occasional 'Save Annotations' error which occurred when adding annotations to an edited song after re-ordering pages.
Fixed error in backup when no annotations.
Fixed occasional crash on exit experienced by a small number of Windows 10 users.
Other minor bug fixes.
5th Nov 2015 New setting in Full Screen Mode - choose to make the Windows Media Player window invisible when Playlist sidebar is not displayed. This enables the audio to be played or stopped by the key 'A' without opening the Media Player. (Also available from the bottom left menu.) Change the setting in Tools - Settings - Full screen mode.
Fixed paging in sheet music PDF import.
3rd Nov 2015 Fixed page numbering for chord sheets in Full Screen portrait mode.
Fixed Preview in settings tab of sheet music PDF import.
Fixed error when duplicating song in chord sheet display.
Optimised backup to exclude unused sheet music.
Other minor bug fixes.
17th August 2015 Fixed occasional crash in Windows 10 after editing a song.
Fixed occasional 'Cannot save annotations' error.
7th August 2015 Fixes to Chord Sheet annotations when playlist display is toggled.
Changed Library dropdown to be easier to use in touch screen tablets where there is a large number of libraries - added scrollbar.
Minor bug fixes.
22nd July 2015 Faster page display.
Fixes to annotations from previous version.
Fixed pages per screen edit in Song Editor.
Minor bug fixes.
16th July 2015 Fixed scaling issue in high resolution screens and large font sizes.
Significant changes have been made to make the main select song screen resize correctly, particularly in ultra high resolution 4K monitors and for users with 150% and more system font sizes.
Added button for on screen keyboard to playlist notes for touch screen edits.
Fixed resizing issue occurring occasionally in certain systems when changing from landscape to portrait.
Removed background graphic on main screen to give a cleaner look to Power Music Professional..
Minor bug fixes.
18th June 2015 Minor update. Fixed 'create duplicate' error occurring in some songs.
Improvements to display in large font sizes.
Removed colour settings in music editor. All editing should be performed in original colour.
Minor bug fixes.
29th May 2015 Minor update. Fixed Preview in Chord Sheet Editor.
27th May 2015 New options in Settings: Full screen mode. You can choose how to display the pages per screen (PPS) in landscape or portrait mode in full screen.
Extra option to choose auto-position of playlist to the bottom in portrait mode or always display on the right as a sidebar.
Change to the sizing of the 'Instrumental Parts' management screen.
Minor bug fixes.
16th May 2015 Minor update. Fix to full screen playlist sidebar display not scrolling properly when large number of songs in it.
15th May 2015 Minor update. Fix to chord sheet display which appeared small for certain Windows settings of large size fonts.
12th May 2015 Minor update. Fix to Library error which appeared under certain circumstances with previous update.
12th May 2015 Major update.
New style for Sheet Music Editor - all imports on the same screen with improved editing
New 'Instrumental Parts' section
New support for camera based scanners plus extra 'remember changes and redo' function
New 'Quick Find' - a simple way to search for a song
Auto tablet mode for rotating screens
Improvements for touch screens
Various bug fixes
27th Nov 2014 Allow song notes to be viewed and edited in playlist sidebar (full screen mode) even if song is not on playlist
New setting - auto display metronome/tempo in full screen
Support for new iPad app. It is important to use this version if uploading songs from iPad app and downloading to PM Professional
Minor bug fixes
11th Sept 2014 New language support - German translation
Automatic reduction of high resolution images when scanning or importing from PDF to prevent slow page load of large files (reduced to 2560px w or h)
When assigning author or category to song new options to either continue adding or add and return to edit
Minor bug fixes
31st July 2014 Major improvement to feedback display for importing of PMzips and from external database
Updated saving of volume setting for all songs
Restored track movement in audio player in playlist sidebar
Minor bug fixes
5th July 2014 Fixed audio player to fit volume setting in playlist sidebar
Save volume setting for all songs
Added warning when adding large images
Fixed move page down in music editor
Fixed capo chords display in preview full screen from editor
Allow add multiple author, category, Bible reference without closing add screen in editor
Prepared editor for adding multiple music parts
Added link to search for CCLI number
Minor bug fixes
18th June 2014 Fixed an issue in Library management (add/edit/delete libraries).
12th June 2014 Completed the French translation.
Various bug fixes.
Faster loading of all songs and Library management.
13th May 2014 Fixed problems with import of multiple songs from one PDF file.
Fixed playlist import and export issue.
Preview screen in imports - re-instated click to exit.
Fixed on screen keyboard issue in 64-bit computers.
Fixed icon display in Add Web Link screen.
Fixed full screen appearance of playlist and page label when different background colour.
Updates to improve import from external database.
4th May 2014 Fixed import of libraries and separate import of playlists.
Fixed print chords from playlist.
Added 'Delete' to context menu on music page edit.
1st May 2014 Fixes to annotations and some issues with PMzips.
Added prompt to save playlist on exit.
30th April 2014 The live release!
29th April 2014 Various bug fixes. Released to Beta testers.
28th April 2014 Improvements to import, faster search, bug fixes.
Remembers margins in select screen. Released to Beta testers.
24th April 2014 Improvements to annotations, bug fixes. Released to Beta testers.
22nd April 2014 Changes to annotations and paging. Released to Beta testers.
27th February 2014 The first version for Beta testing