Manage my Product Key

Please enter your activation code or product key

On this page you can:

  • View all activations of your Power Music Product Key
  • Upgrade your Product Key - purchase additional licences to use Power Music Professional on additional computers.
  • Recover your Product Key - have it emailed to the address used to register Power Music

What is a Product Key?

A Product Key is required to activate Power Music Professional, Mac or Accessible Format (AF). Product Keys can be purchased on our website. Product Keys are delivered by email.

What is an Activation Code?

When you activate Power Music using your Product Key, a unique Activation Code is generated. This code is specific to a single installation of Power Music. Your Activation Code can be used on this page to recover your Product Key if you have lost it.

Where do I find my Activation Code?

Power Music Professional: Click on Help->About
Power Music Mac: Click on Power Music->Preferences...

I don't have an Activation Code.

If you no longer have access to Power Music on your computer, you can enter your Product Key here to upgrade or view all activations.

Deactivating Installations

If you want to deactivate an installation of Power Music or need some help with your Product Key, contact us by email: or by phone: +44 (0) 1355 246832. For a more detailed explanation of Product Key management read this blog post:

Deactivated installations are still shown on this page, but are greyed-out.