Power Music Mac

Power Music Mac Version History

Date Version Details
20th Oct 2021 1.6.6

Bug fixes:

  • Fixes an issue where uploading songs to Power Music Box could cause the app to crash.
19th Mar 2021 1.6.5

New features:

  • Manage authors and categories by going to "File->Manage". Here you can delete, rename and merge authors or categories.
  • Power Music Mac is now built for Apple Silicon.

Bug fixes:

  • Saving authors with only one name would cause duplicates to be created.
  • Selecting an author would sometimes show songs for the wrong author.
  • Authors with only one name would be displayed with a space before their name.
3rd Nov 2020 1.6.4 Version 1.6.4 includes bug fixes and improves compatibility with the latest macOS.
14th May 2020 1.6.3 Improvements:
  • Allow dragging and dropping to rearrange pages in sheet music editor.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a crash when uploading certain playlists with malformed items.
  • Fixed some songs not having a key set.
26th Feb 2019 Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bug preventing playlists from being deleted.
14th Dec 2018 1.6.2 Bug fixes:
  • Fixed wrong playlist sometimes being selected when right-clicking on the list of playlists.
  • Fixed an issue where backups could not be restored.
13th June 2018 1.6.1 Improvements:
  • Error reporter no longer prompts on each error.
  • Some behind-the-scenes updates to improve support for newer versions of macOS.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed PDF pages sometimes importing in a random order.
1st Nov 2016 1.6 Improvements:
  • New PDF sheet music import interface.
  • Re-worded some alert prompts to be better understood.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed bug causing backup and restore to fail in some cases.
Note: this version is only compatible with macOS 10.11 El Capitan and later.
2nd Feb 2016 1.5 New features:
  • Increased allowed number of songs without registering from 5 to 10. This limit also no longer applies to songs purchased from Power Music Store, or downloaded by redeeming a songbook voucher.
  • Drag and drop songs into a playlist from the select, index, or search tabs. Multiple songs can be selected and dragged at once.
  • Rename authors or categories. While editing a song, right-click on the author or category you want to rename and select "Edit".
  • New error reporter - if Power Music encounters an error, you will have the option to report this error, and provide details of what went wrong.
  • Main window layout tweaks to make better use of available space.
  • When previewing the contents of a playlist, the text in the pop-up can now be selected.
  • Made changes to the playlist interface to simplify the process of creating and saving playlists.
  • Backup/Restore menu item added.
  • Search results now appear after typing a single character
Bug fixes:
  • Display "Image Not Found" when a sheet music page is missing.
  • Fixed a bug where new lines could not be entered in the performance notes field while editing a song.
  • Fixed a bug causing database inconsistencies due to multi-threading in Power Music Box downloading.
  • Fixed a bug where deleting the current playlist wouldn't clear it from the display.
13th June 2014 1.4.3 Bug fixes:
  • Fixed crash when deleting playlist from Power Music Box
  • Fixed Power Music Box download log not scrolling
  • Fixed parsing of chord sheets with brackets within a chord
15th April 2014 1.4.2 Bug fixes:
  • Power Music Box downloading indicator now animates.
  • Fixed a bug where the scanner would not be released for users of OS X Lion. Note: Some scanners are no longer compatible with Power Music on older versions of OS X.
  • Fixed parsing of chord sheets with a colon or a forward slash immediately following a chord.
  • Scanner interface now allows you to view all captured pages.
  • Power Music now asks to confirm if you want to cancel editing a song.
4th April 2014 1.4.1 If you installed Power Music from the Spring Harvest 2014 Digital Songbook CD, this update fixes important issues.

New features:
  • Links: Songs can now have links attached that display as icons that, when clicked, take you to a relevant web page.
  • Redeem Songbook Voucher: If you have a songbook voucher, this can be redeemed within Power Music and the songs can be imediately downloaded.
  • Activation: Power Music Mac now requires online activation. This is only required once, and your existing product code will be pre-filled in the activation form. Note: Power Music Mac will also "call home" with an activation code on each launch if an internet connection is available. This is simply for logging purposes where an internet connection is available.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bug with uploading and downloading playlists.
  • Fixed compatibility with latest versions of Power Music for Windows.
  • Fixed a bug where the download progress indicator would not dismiss if a song failed to download.
  • New icon: unified style between all new versions of Power Music!
  • Tab characters in the chord sheet editor are now replaced with spaces.
  • Automatically trim excess whitespace from the end of each line in chord sheets to prevent displaying too small.
11th November 2013 1.3 New features:
  • Printing: Print chord sheets or sheet music from any song.
  • Restore default database: It is now possible to restore Power Music to the default database, deleting all of your songs and playlists.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed full-screen compatibility with Mavericks.
  • Fixed an issue with chord sheets imported from PDF having their line-breaks removed.
  • Fixed an issue allowing songs to be saved without a default title.
  • Fixed an issue causing songs in playlists uploaded to Power Music Box to be transposed to the wrong key.
  • When editing a song, the relevant tab (chord sheet or sheet music) is now selected.
  • When importing sheet music from a PDF file, it is now possible to select an area to capture rather than capturing the whole page.
  • When typing the title of a song in the selection screen, the list of songs now scrolls to the highlighted title.
  • Titles with accented characters now appear in the correct order in the list.
  • Chord sheet automatic font sizing improved.
10th October 2013 1.2.3 New features:
  • Automatic database cleanup: Power Music will automatically clean up your database of any corrupted data
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bug preventing some users logging in to Power Music Box
20th August 2013 1.2.2 New features:
  • Crash reporter: If Power Music crashes, on the next launch you will be asked to send an anonymous report to Cambron Software, along with the option of giving additional information on how the crash came about. Please do send these crash reports, with as much additional information as possible, as they are invaluable in improving Power Music.
Bug fixes:
  • The current playlist title is now no longer truncated to around 10 characters
  • Capo frets in double figures are no longer truncated
8th August 2013 1.2.1 Fixed a bug where uploading songs to Power Music Box would cause a crash
6th August 2013 1.2 New features:
  • Upload and download playlists from Power Music Box
  • Colour settings: change the colours used for chord sheet display
Bug fixes:
  • Songs with a single page of sheet music now display centred, rather than left-aligned
  • Fixed a bug where opening Power Music with an empty database would cause a crash
  • Improved downloading of songs from Power Music Box
10th June 2013 1.1.1 Improvements to Power Music Box:
  • Added ability to upload songs to Power Music Box account.
  • Added ability to delete songs from Power Music Box account.
  • Added status bar to show current Power Music Box storage usage.
  • Improvements to download functionality.
Note: this version is only compatible with macOS 10.11 El Capitan and later.
31st May 2013 1.1 Public release
9th May 2013 1.0 Initial release