Power Music Accessible Format

Power Music Accessible Format Version History

Date Version Details
26th May 2016 Fixed issue with opening saved playlist not showing correct buttons until song selected.
18th May 2016 Changed colours in annotation toolbar to match user settings.
Changed colours and menu in Rehearsal Marks popup to match user settings.
9th May 2016 Fixed bug in Manage Libraries and Manage Categories when adding or renaming
15th March 2016 Fixed bug occurring under certain circumstances when saving a song
11th March 2016 Release version
Bug fixes
Inclusion of final help PDF
1st March 2016 Beta testing continued
Visual changes, text corrections, enhancements to message boxes
Enlarged check boxes in PDF sheet music import
Bug fixes
Inclusion of OCR dictionaries
Installer improvements, icon added
23rd Feb 2016 Beta testing continued
Added Chord Sheet Editor and display
Added Import from PDF to Chord Sheet Editor
Made the Full Screen Menu more accessible